Regroupement national
des conseils régionaux de l'environnement
du Québec

Promoting climate action

throughout Québec

Climat de


Climat de changement is a large-scale Québec-wide initiative led by the RNCREQ and the sixteen conseils régionaux de l’environnement (regional environmental councils, or CREs)

Our network is part of Canada’s effort to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and to help communities build up their climate resilience.

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Climat de changement goals
Who is Climat de changement for?
This initiative targets regional decision-makers and administrators in public agencies and the business sector. The goal is to equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools, foster communication and cooperation and create synergy in order to better combat climate change. Your entire organization can be part of the movement!
Your areas of influence
Public authorities and agencies

Your services



Public Safety


Human Resources

Urban Planning

Public Works


Industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sector

Your departments

Energy Resources

Physical Resources

Human Resources

Waste Management

CRE teams familiar with each region’s specific context, needs, language and available resources will implement various activities to help the communities achieve these goals.
The environmental issues that need your help
After educating decision-makers on environmental issues, the CREs will then focus on the crucial role these individuals can play and what actions they should take. Let’s start with the most important!
These areas deserve your attention and need your intervention.
Buildings and construction

Buildings are responsible for 10% of GHG emissions and 32% of energy consumption in Quebec……

Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change…

Natural environments

Biodiversity and healthy natural environments are needed to stabilize the climate…

Circular economy

More than 96% of all resources circulating in the Quebec economy are not reused…


54% of the energy consumed in Quebec is still of fossil origin, whereas this share was already 58% in 1987…

Tree planting and green infrastructure

Greening our living environments helps to mitigate the causes, but also the effects, of climate change…

Gestion des matières résiduelles RNCREQ
Municipal services

8% of Quebec’s GHG emissions come from municipal waste and wastewater management…


Transport is the leading sector emitting GHGs (43%), and the fastest growing sector (+35%) since 1990, in Quebec…

How to take action

Each CRE has a dedicated person who can answer your questions and support you throughout the Climat de changement process. Each CRE offers specific and tailored approaches to your community.

Locate your CRE below and reach out now!

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CRE Mauricie








CRE Laurentides


CRE Montérégie

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